Data centers generally continue to thrive as the amount of data created, stored, and exchanged continues to grow.  Large Hyperscale deployments will see the most growth as more companies leverage cloud-supported architectures.  Core infrastructure requirements for both large Enterprises and Service Providers will consolidate around regional epicenters of data center activity, however, edge-placed deployments will flourish as latency reduction becomes critical to serving population bases and IoT applications via mobile and last-mile connections. Unique data sovereignty requirements for different emerging markets will drive many data center providers to expand globally as their largest customers grow their addressable markets.  As with any industry, some level of consolidation will occur, driven primarily by the desire to support certain customer profiles.  Data Center go to market strategies will need to evolve to position the data center within a customer’s overall workload placement strategy, contemplating the need for on-premise infrastructure and cloud resources, with interconnection of those resources becoming a more essential element of the performance of applications.

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