Optimize your TPU v5p and AI Hypercomputer on Google Cloud and run your AI workloads at 20% cheaper with Nextedge Cloud


Cloud TPU v5p, is now the most powerful, scalable, and flexible AI accelerator

TPUs, brings the cost-efficiency and performance required for large-scale model training and inference. With Cloud TPUs on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the leading Kubernetes service for google cloud clients, customers can orchestrate AI workloads efficiently and cost-effectively with best-in-class training and inference capabilities. GKE has long been a leader in supporting GPUs for AI workloads and we are excited to see Google Cloud expanding it’s support to include TPU v5e for large-scale inference capabilities

With the help of Nextedge cloud optimization, you can run AI workloads on Cloud TPUs faster and at a 20% cheaper cost

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