Nextedge Cloud Monitoring: Synthetic Testing and Real-time Network Traffic Insights

Monitor — frequently and autonomously — essential infrastructure, applications and services including

  • SaaS solutions
  • Applications hosted in the public cloud
  • Internal applications
  • Transit and peer networks
  • Content delivery networks
  • Streaming video, social, gaming, and other content providers
  • Site-to-site performance across traditional WAN and SD-WANs
  • Service provider connectivity and customer SLAs

Fully Integrated Network Traffic and Synthetic Analytics

Unique synthetic monitoring solution that incorporates real network traffic.


  • Know where your traffic is going and what you should be testing
  • Monitor performance with real-time visibility into actual network usage and state
  • Complete network context of entire hybrid network paths through private and public infrastructures
  • Single platform for network traffic and synthetic performance

Intelligent Alerting and Diagnostics

Only solution that reduces alert fatigue while also providing high-definition insights with network context.


  • Instantly actionable insights with full network context
  • Eliminates the intrinsic “noise” of synthetic test results
  • Test data enriched and correlated with device health and interface utilization