As the data centre becomes more virtualised, servers should be your strongest defence, arming you with the latest innovations to prevent, detect and recover from security attacks. That’s why we’ve developed unique security technologies, giving you a new security foundation to protect your data—and your business.

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

Our security monitoring systems s dependent on the application, size of the network, and level of control needed, when you subscribe to Nextedge Cloud monitoring service, we contuinuously scan every part of the your system while looking for unwanted changes and vulnerabilities that surface. when issues are found the software automatically deal with them on the spot or notifies the enterprise administrator if the action requires elevation.

Our monitoring system actively monitor a device and deal with threats as they surface. It offers Round-the-clock monitoring ability to check every aspect of a network in real time via our Real-time network Monitoring.

Our system has the capability of keeping an eye on almost every aspect of the clients’ systems and networks.

It analyses network traffic while looking for abnormalities.

It monitor database system, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Paradox, IBM DB2, and many more. If any changes are discovered that are not made by authorized users, immediate action is taken to safeguard the file system and a notification is sent clients administrator with details.

Besides watching and reporting on suspicious activity, Our security monitoring can also be used to track events which take place on the machines connected to the network. Login and Logout information, password attempts, file systems and data bases accessed by specific members, and much more.

When it comes to reducing cyber risk, time is absolutely critical.  The longer your business is exposed to threats the greater the potential for damage. Consequently the more information that can be processed quickly, the greater the context for threat validation and resolution

Nextedge Cloud security Monitoring provides real-time collection, management, processing and analysis of log, system, transaction, network, intelligence and activity data at very high speed . It continually monitors security controls and enterprise environments, and flags incidents immediately so analysts can investigate and respond