Nextedge Cloud API Functional Monitoring software (NC AFMS) is a software assuring the quality and reliability of public and private APIs that are being used in application networks. Public APIs are APIs deployed are accessible by anyone. Private APIs are APIs deployed in Anypoint Virtual Private Cloud in CloudHub and accessible only to people who are in your private network.

NC AFMS enables developers and operators to perform consistent testing of the functional behaviour and performance of their APIs, throughout the API lifecycle, in testing and production environments.

NC AFMS helps you carry out the following tasks:

  • White-box testing: This type of testing validates the behaviour of individual APIs against the understanding of how their internals work. As part of this type of testing, you mock and simulate dependencies (for example, back-end systems and other APIs).
  • Black-box testing: This type of testing validates the overall behaviour of an API and its real/live dependencies as a whole, based purely on inputs and outputs (i.e. without knowing or altering the API internals – no simulation or mocking).
  • Runtime monitoring: This type of monitoring ensures that deployed APIs are operating within expected performance in production environments. It makes use of behavioural test cases that use real inputs and expected outputs, and exercise dependencies, as in black-box testing

In NC AFMS when you create the monitor, you specify the endpoints that you want to test. For the schedule, you specify the location in which to run the test, and the interval at which to run the test. Over time, you can create new versions of the test and create additional schedules.