Whether you’re looking for 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and management, or remote support for end-users – we’ll ensure your systems and staff are always up and running.

With best-in-class technology and direct access to our service desk, our team are fully equipped to support your business.

Benefits of Remote Technology Support Services

Using remote technology support services offers numerous advantages, but the three primary benefits are:

FLEXIBILITY – Remote access technology allows flexibility when you need IT support. If you feel you need to meet with your assigned network administrator face-to-face, you certainly can, but with remote IT services, you can also opt to get some guidance right away through remote access.

DECREASED COSTS – Since IT administrators can address certain problems off site, it eliminates the need to have an in-person visit for addressing every little issue that may occur. This reduces downtime and the increased costs of having someone drive out to your office. That can add up to substantial savings.

24/7 ACCESS – Your assigned network administrator has access to your network round the clock. Our Braintek Brains set alerts that notify them anytime your network experiences a glitch or issue…no matter the time of day. They may know of a potential issue and correct it even before you do

Why Choose Nextedge cloud IT Support Service ?

We have gained enough experience to cater to your various remote IT support requirements. Some of the reasons for you to choose us for  IT support services

  1. Certified IT Support Services Company

Being a reputed offsite remote IT support provider, it is our goal to bring quality services that helps you recognize the right value. Since our efforts meet the guidelines of international standard organization we take pride in our ability to consistently reflect the quality of service in every IT support needs

  1. Data Security

We greatly value the security of your confidential data. we have proven that our efforts not only meet standards of the industry but also surpass the client expectation because we take necessary precautions to prevent breach and loss of data under all circumstances. Our IT professionals who serve your IT support needs are signatories of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) giving you the peace of mind

  1. High Accuracy and Quality Service

We have a strict quality monitoring process in place which ensures that every issue is professionally dealt and resolved with the same seriousness and care

  1. Short Turnaround

When your clients are in a rush and need fast solution, we are the right people for outsourcing remote IT support because our turnaround time is 50% faster than other IT service support providers . With rich experience in varied client challenges we already have the exposure and experience in resolving IT issues quickly without frustrating end-users

  1. Scalability

 We have the necessary resource capability and wherewithal, both in terms of expertise and infrastructure. You can rely on us to manage any spike in your business demands so that you pay only for the services rendered

  1. Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

We have flexible pricing options for the  IT services we render. This will enable you to pay based on factors such as complexity of resolved issue, time involved to resolve the issue, number of calls in a day, etc.

  1. Single-point Contact

We are glad to provide a personalized support in the form of dedicated team who can be summoned anytime at your convenience. Our single-point contact can help you resolve most challenges that you encounter during and after the project. Our team can be reached on within a n hour.

  1. Experienced Team of Support Executives, Project Leaders, and IT Experts

Our team is comprised of highly skilled, talented, and experienced call center executives who are trained to work on the latest contact center tools and technologies and resolve even the most complicated IT issues

9.  Modern Infrastructure

Our team executives delivers unparalleled services as they have access to the best infrastructure in terms of uninterrupted network connections, state-of-the-art office spaces, and the latest tools and technologies

  1. Remote Support Tools

To facilitate uninterrupted workflow, we use advanced IT support software that can streamline an array of functions. Our skilled IT support professionals are thoroughly experienced in using the software for delivering support from just a push of button

  1. Secure Data Exchange

When you outsource online tech support, we take care of document and file sharing services with prudence. We use secure SFTP and VPN for supporting file sharing process as it is easier for you to send project files in a secure way without risk

  1. Round-the-clock Availability

We are available on a 24×7 basis and deliver support all round the year should you face any difficulty. We can be reached through multichannel methods to get personalized support at your local time zone.